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Mattsu has already got married?








Mattsu already married O_O?

Wait what oO (yay limited Japanese…)

But wearing a ring on that hand and finger is not just the purpose for being married (other Siennes wear rings on that hand and finger too… I know they are not OGs, but well…)

So it seems?? The post itself says nothing straightforward (on the contrary it’s pretty cryptic) but the last 3 lines combined with the pic and some of her fans’ reactions on twitter….

edit: wait, i didn’t see the second post.

Quick translation of it:

"My clients keep asking "Who’s this Yuumi?"
She’s going to London with me, she’s a former stage actress.
The S.O. of my business parthner in London is a world famous director so, on their referral, she’ll be taking one-to-one language study and drama lessons from (a) Hollywood actor(s).
Going forth to Hollywood, are we? (lol)She loves fragrances so she apparently wants to create goods that use fragrances
What she wants to do it definite so do your best on the next stage
The person we were talking about
Such a happy face
From around tomorrow, Yuumi will be occasionally blogging, your favour please”

I have zero context so some references may be not quite right, but the gist of it is def there.
No idea what’s going on but good luck with whatever it is you want to do, Mattsu!

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dreamlights replied to your post“at first i was like: but then i went like: I’ve never spent…”

this is why we go to Japan anyway XDD

GOSPEL OF TRUTH. /fist-bump

tokaikko replied to your post“at first i was like: but then i went like: I’ve never spent…”

Girl I do the same every time I’m there. Nakano Broadway and the idol shops in Harajuku? My undoing.

It’s honestly such a relief to be among equally shoppaholic souls who understand my plight ;~;~; *hug*

NAKANO BROADWAY IS SUCH AN EVIL PLACE, ISN’T IT? It’s just not okay for this many mandarake/trio/you call it to be in the same building, all with different stuff in them!! I am half-convinced it is run by the devil in a scheme to ruin people financially.

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So, all these weeks that I’ve been MIA online, I spent on my first trip ever to Japan. It was a truly wonderful experience, full of things I’d only ever dreamed of doing up ‘till that point.

One of said things was watching Takarazuka live, in the theater. And twice at that! Once in Mura, once in Tokyo. This post will be about the mura experience, Hibiya will get its own post later.

I saw Hoshigumi’s “The Lost Glory/Passionate Takarazuka” on the first week of August. Thanks to everyone’s benevolent angel, Sandy, I had my S-seat ticket all ready so I was free to look around at my leisure before the show (and drop your average local worker’s two months’ worth of salary on goods and dvds at Quatre Reves; I wish I was even remotely exaggerating).

The Grand Theatre is truly “grand”, turned up to 11. It’s an amazingly amazing place, and sasuga Hoshigumi, it was packed with people even on a weekday.

After the shopping and the picture-taking and the looking around like a toddler in a candystore, I went to find my seat. Only to realize that i had forgotten how the japanese count floors and the seat i thought was on a balcony, was actually SUPER close to the ginkyo.

THIS close. I was so stunned I actually went ahead and showed my ticket to the ladies sitting behind me and asked them in my best keigo if this really was the seat, which they confirmed, and we had a moment of group semi-flailing like 「近すぎてヤバイ!( ゚Д゚)」。
When I sat down (still like “omgomgomgomgg” inside) the kind lady sitting next to me -obviously noting from the previous exchange that this kid speaks japanese alright- struck casual conversation which made the time pass super fast ‘till the play started and during intermission/after the performance was over. Thank you so much, kind lady from Okayama. ♥

[Warning: starstruck noob impressions and some possible spoilers about the show follow below, proceed carefully]

The play started with Chie showing up on the left end of the stage, not 3 feet away from me. I still have no idea how i managed not to die/evaporate on the spot or smt from the charisma rays alone. Evil!Chie strutting around the stage, plotting everyone’s demise and smirking behind their backs, yes plz. Like everyone who has seen Chie on stage can probably confirm, her aura and skill are on a whole other level. She was literally flawless throughout both parts. Chie is my 贔屓, and I know I’m pretty biased, but she just sucks you in with her performance and keeps you in awe every second she is on stage. There are people who just get pushed bc the agency wants to, and there are people whose talent completely justifies the push and the expectations, and then there’s Chie. Just wow, Chie, how do you exist. Such an amazing performer, such a total professional. Chie for all the things. ;w;

Nene is an ethereal goddess. She is just glowing on stage. Deanna’s role was a total downgrade compared to Josephine in “Napoleon” but I think she did a great job with what she was given and gave Deanna more of a spine than the text allowed on its own. Her outfits were stunning and the “nightmare” scene were she pretty much danced with every otokoyaku in the troupe was a total highlight imo. Amazing and intricate choreography (thanks, Gustavo Zajac!) and very well executed imo.

Todoroki Yuu was so tiny compared to everyone else in hoshi (aw~ xD) but she has a very imposing voice and presence. I am happy I got to see a legend like her on stage. We also got evil!Chie by extension! even if that meant less Chie in the play overall and my otp not being together. One cannot have everything!
I hadn’t read the whole detailed analysis on characters and plot before seeing it, so I was kinda “no frickin’ way xD” inside when they said Otto was a Greek immigrant. :p Just, what are the chances. It’s also kind of amusing how they actually have to write the age difference between Tom and the musumeyaku in the play itself these days (i think it was the same with Fuu-chan in South Pacific?).

Beni was such a cute woobie who got screwed over by Chie and Shuu, although Ronald’s obsession with Deanna was kind of grating after a point. I understand it was supposed to be Ivano’s masterful manipulation that made him misunderstand but woman says she’s moved on/is married to someone else now and doesn’t want you to your face, why don’t you get the hint, mate?
She also had a very nice solo towards the end that made me misty-eyed a little bit.

Yurika. YURIKA, man. I’ve always liked Yurika lots, but the real thing exceeded every expectation and then some. Yurika has some serious mighty aura that owns the stage. Up ‘till that day I had this image of her that she’s super promising but not entirely engaging on stage. GOD, did she prove me wrong. She is captivating af on stage. Her Curtis was 1000% convincing as a young, confident, rich man that’s kind of a player, but just the right amount to make you fall for him without going into douchebag territory. I couldn’t help but be a little sad the Curtis/Mirabelle couple fell apart because of the circumstances, I kind of shipped it (or maybe Yurika/Aachan sold it that much with their acting and chemistry, I could totally see them as a top combi in the future).
I also demand a law be passed that requires Yurika to be in dapper suits at all tim-
*Tybalt!Yurika, Lancelot!Yurika and Death!Yurika jump to mind*
…okay, at least 50% of the time. It needs to be done because of reasons, okay.

Masako should play all the tycoon/king/comglomerate president/older men with lots of power and swag roles in the world, especially if said roles involve mustaches. She rocks so hard.

Coto is a gem. Her voice and acting in a way surpass her boyish cute looks, but watching her here, I realized she’s the Ichiro Maki type of otokoyaku. Powerhouse who could play musume roles with the same ease. Go, Coto, I’m sure you’ll get places!

Shiiran had pretty much one scene in the play, but it was a show-stealer. She had us all in stitches, it was hilarious and super memorable. ilu, Shiiran. ♥

Overall, the play started out good but kind of fell apart later and i couldn’t really root for anyone. Ivano was vengeful and fucked ppl over, but Otto was also wrong for passing him over because of his background and above all, for trusting Deanna so little. That’s a problem I have with “Othello” as well, but at least in the Shakespeare play, it can be kind of justified more considering the situations and powers at play there. In “The Lost Glory” tho, Otto just seemed unreasonable. You’re supposed to be ~*~L4E~*~, so why won’t you believe in her a little more, dude? She even stood up to her family to marry you, but you’re willing to believe setups and random obsessed exes. smh.
I was also taken aback at the different ending but a) yeah, as if zuka would make the lead a murderer and b) on retrospect, we also avoided the fridging of the main female lead, so I’m cool, I guess.

The revue…was much more watchable than i expected; which says absolutely nothing, because i pretty much expected to be twitching nervously in my seat throughout, trying not to keep seeing the inside of my skull from rolling my eyes too much. I generally try to keep away from shows with heavy 黒塗り like the plague. But when I was getting a ticket I had no idea it was gonna be like that, and I also knew this would most probably be my only chance of seeing my troupe with chienene still in it (even if they stayed longer, no one knows whether I’d be able to go again next year) so one has to grab their chances.

Thankfully, because of the lights the real thing looked considerably less terrible than in video or (jfc) photos.  My starstruck state also played a huge part, negl. So, unfortunate makeup choices aside (SIC), it was fun, I dare say.

The capoeira part was amazing, hoshigumi really worked hard for that and Chie/Doi killed it with their speed and precision. Chie as god/ the sun and similar concepts was so on point, it hurts. When she rose for the capoeira part it was a near religious experience, I shit you not. (“Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and saviour, Chie?”; ちえ降臨; the jokes just wrote themselves only they are not actually jokes, more like facts, okay)

Chienene in the flesh are lethal. I’m pretty sure I was at the brink of hyperventilating every time they shared the same physical space. And the duet dances… they smoldered and sizzled and it was like there was no one else in the world, just the two of them. Nothing I say can make this combi, their chemistry and how much in sync they are with each other justice.

The priviledge of the front row seats also paid off: I GOT A WINK FROM BENI (SJAKDSLAD;LK), a curtsy from Aachan, and Chie, Yurika, Shiiran and at least half of the kakyuusei who were positioned on the left now know I exist. ゚+。*・感。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。動・*。+゚

This is a revue that has high chances of getting the copyright axe in many places tho. There were a lot of famous tunes in there, like Beni’s “Mas Que Nada”, Yurika’s Lambada club mix or “Quizas, Quizas, Quizas”. The Lambada club mix was pretty awesome btw.

After the show it was raining hard so I rushed back to Osaka, but honest to god, it was one of the best days of my entire life. I feel beyond lucky that i was able to see my troupe under my star (and my otp) even once. It truly was the experience/memory of a lifetime. ;A;

P.S. Toa Reiya in a leotard.-
P.S.2 The only human beings who are allowed to wear fedoras are Takarasiennes. obamaitislaw.gif
P.S.3 I apologize for your dashboards, I meant to put all this behind a cut but apparently I can’t.
P.S.4 All the photos are mine but if I’m breaking any unwritten rules by posting the inside of the Grand Theatre, tell me and I’l remove them. It’s just that no one told me otherwise when I took them.

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at first i was like:

but then i went like:

I’ve never spent this much money in one go in my life before.

….but it felt so good. (T~T)


Babymetal Meets Big Four Of Thrash


instead of writing about young women who fall for mysterious and aloof men with borderline abusive behaviour (sometimes even crossing said border) write about young women who fall for mysterious and aloof men who turn out to be glamorous japanese crossdressing women:

"you’re tall and graceful with an impossible voice and killer dance moves"

"say it. out loud."


-otokoyaku who looks suspiciously like kiriyan starts doing jazz hands-


"do you glitter in the sunlight?"

"i also glitter under stage lights."


"why can’t we be together?"

"because i swore a vow of chastity before entering the music school." (beat) "also it’d cause a big scandal and i don’t want you involved in it."


the stagelight saga, with stagelight, new costumes, glitterclipse, and breaking featherbutts




Masao & Chapi